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Minnesota Title Agency is a full service title and escrow company servicing the entire state of Michigan. We have the capability of conducting closings anytime, and anywhere. Additionally we can accelerate the closing process by emailing your closing documents to all parties involved.

Residential and Commercial title insurance puts parameters in place to protect property buyers and mortgage lenders against defects, fraud or problems with a title when there is a transfer of property ownership

Our escrow services holds an asset (funds) by Minnesota Title on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction

Construction Disbursement means a disbursement of loan proceeds for a construction project

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Escrow Services
Escrow Services
Title Insurance

Residential & Commercial Title Insurance

Construction Disbursement
Construction Disbursement
Document Preparation
Documen Preparation
Document Recordation
Document Recordation
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Document recordation is the process of recording an instrument, such as a deed or mortgage, to a public registry

Document preparation provides businesses and customers with a range of services, such as  preparation of documents, editing, proofreading, and desktop publishing

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